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2009-09-12 22:36:27 by Taro326

Finally got some shit down and got work going on! I been working on my flash lately over the summer since no one have helped me. Except a few. Thank you Victor and my close friends for giving me support. And the others I can't remember....(sorry) Anyways, from the looks of it. If school doesn't hold me back I might have it done...within...a month or so if I get back in the mood. Damn mood swings! Damn..I sounded like a girl there...anyways. I can tell you how much I got done.

Script: 100% (Edited and all done)
Prolouge: 100% (DONE!)
Scene 1: 100% (It was shot and hard....7 fucking hours to do...)
Scene 2: 99% (I'm almost done.....just a few more seconds)
Scene 3: 0%
Scene 4: 0%
Scene 5: 0%
Scene 6: 0%

Sadly I'm like half done...fucking school! Anyways before going I need to say something....Fuck you all that insults us voice actors and animators. Thinking that we suck and telling us to quit. We are here trying to get something going on Newgrounds and be known by it. Not like you idiots who just post and make everyone depress. Your the ones who should get off of Newgrounds and get a damn fucking life. Having nothing submitted in to NewGrounds and your thinking your guys are just sad....

It has finally came on tv folks! E3 09! So far MicroSoft aka Xbox has blown my mind away! The game companies that has switched from Sony to Xbox is surprising. SquareEnix. The creators of MGS - Metal Gear Solid. Anyways I have told a little to much about who switched. Onto the Xbox. Since this has happen the Xbox has shown more games then last year. Before I tell any of the games. I shall tell about the new project that Xbox has been working on. It's called Project Natal. If you watched E3 today you know what it is. But for you guys that don't know it. It's a motion detecting tv that makes you active in the game. Like that little device for the PS2...what was it called now....I really don't know because it sucked. Anyways with this new equipment there is another project within Natal. It's called "Milo" An active virtual person in their own world. Whatever you do or say, the person will respawn towards it with a reply. If you draw on a piece of paper like a fish or something, and scan it through the scanner which is located on top of the Natal. The virtual person "Milo" can take it and look at it. This project is still under production and I don't know when it will come out. So far I have talked about Xbox because it is the king of systems to me. One more thing to say. Because of all this, Xbox has kicked both Nintendo and Sony in the balls. And I had a good laugh. Before I go onto the games, I love saying that. But there is a new update upon the Xbox 360 main menu. This is all I could remember about the Xbox 360. There shall be more but before going here is the list of games that I have seen and their dates. Some of them still got no dates since I wasn't paying attention or they never gave the information on their dates. So here it is.

Left 4 Dead 2 = Nov 17 2009
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Halo ODST = Sept 22
Halo Reach
Mass Effect 2 = Early 2010
Brutal Legend = Rocktober 17 or 27
Metal Gear Solid: Rising = Unknown
Crysis 2 = Unknown
APB (All points bulleten)
Alan Wake = Spring 2010
The Sims 3 = June 2, TONIGHT!
Final Fantasy XIII = Unknown
The Saboteur = Holiday 2009
Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) = Unknown
Fightnight Round 4 = June 22

Well a friend of my (Sorrygirl99) made a flash called Max and Emma 2 and myself as a voice in it. Sadly I did held back a bit on my lines but eh. Mistakes always make a person better right? Well next time if I am needed by Sam I will give it my best shot. If I am not sleeping at a friend's house. xP

Anyways, the flash I been working on, Four Swords Illusions is going good. I almost got scene 1 of the flash done, since I am learning and working on the flash at the same time. Already got all the voices for the main characters, along with the script done. I changes the script so often but eh. That's just me. Mostly this is all I can say tonight. More updates will be coming along for the flash. Before I go, thanks again Sam to give me a chance for the voice. Also if anyone knows how to make an Sprite Animation come and help me. So far I know the basics but when it comes to sound I am still messing it up.

New newgrounds? Real or Fake?

2009-04-01 21:34:56 by Taro326

Ok....I am so confused. Is this some kind of sick April Fool's joke that Tom and the mods did just to get at us members? Or is this for real? I am so confused. To me if this is the real thing and the layout for Newgrounds is going to be like this from now on. Mostly all I want is the mature videos unblocked along with the stats icons back to normal and I am happy with everything else. But please if someone could tell me is this for real or is this a sick joke? Just tell me because I am to confused.



2009-03-31 20:21:56 by Taro326

Boo ya! My first Demo Reel is finally out. Sadly it's a mess and short, along the line thank you to the people who listen to it and give it a ok score. Mostly I was seeking for people to leave comments telling me where I went wrong and what I need fix but it doesn't matter. Demo Reel 2 will be coming out soon I hope. That's all from me, see ya.

P.S. God....I feel embarrassed now when I listen to my demo reel. -///- Is it natural for someone to be like this at the beginning?

Voice Actor.

2009-03-14 17:12:02 by Taro326

Ok mostly I been doing bad lately with trying to get into voice acting I guess because I got no voice reel out yet because I don't know how to set a good one. Anyways I am just putting this post up for anyone who is willing and searching for a voice actor. I am very well at doing teenager voices but because of me getting older my voice is changing and what not so I might not be able to do teenager voices soon. But who knows right? Right. Anyways that's all from me right now. If anyone is searching for a voice actor I am here.