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Animation.....always got to give it ya best right? Well back to work for me!

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Finally got some shit down and got work going on! I been working on my flash lately over the summer since no one have helped me. Except a few. Thank you Victor and my close friends for giving me support. And the others I can't remember....(sorry) Anyways, from the looks of it. If school doesn't hold me back I might have it done...within...a month or so if I get back in the mood. Damn mood swings! Damn..I sounded like a girl there...anyways. I can tell you how much I got done.

Script: 100% (Edited and all done)
Prolouge: 100% (DONE!)
Scene 1: 100% (It was shot and hard....7 fucking hours to do...)
Scene 2: 99% (I'm almost done.....just a few more seconds)
Scene 3: 0%
Scene 4: 0%
Scene 5: 0%
Scene 6: 0%

Sadly I'm like half done...fucking school! Anyways before going I need to say something....Fuck you all that insults us voice actors and animators. Thinking that we suck and telling us to quit. We are here trying to get something going on Newgrounds and be known by it. Not like you idiots who just post and make everyone depress. Your the ones who should get off of Newgrounds and get a damn fucking life. Having nothing submitted in to NewGrounds and your thinking your better....you guys are just sad....

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